Fishing Tours

Get your buddies or girlfriends together for a fun-filled day of fishing on the Snake, Salmon or Clearwater rivers. Jet boats provide excellent access to the best fishing holes for catching steelhead, salmon, sturgeon and bass. The jet boat guides know where the fish are hanging out, and they know how to catch them. After all, they just hooked a boat-full of fish yesterday! 



When you hook into a steelhead, an ocean-going rainbow trout, you know you’ve got a big fish on the line. Get ready for a super-fun challenge to land that fish! Steelhead fishing is super popular on the Clearwater, Snake and Salmon rivers in late fall and spring. Book your trip early!


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Fishing for sturgeon is a rare opportunity to catch a huge, prehistoric fish on the Salmon or Snake Rivers. Jet boat guides have all the right gear and bait to catch a sturgeon. All fishing is catch and release to sustain the sturgeon fishery.  


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Bass & Trout

In between salmon and steelhead season, it’s popular to fish for bass and trout in Hells Canyon and the Salmon River via jet boat. Fishing for bass in particular can be amazingly consistent; catching a bass on every cast is possible when the fishing is hot.


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When the bite is on for chinook salmon, it’s time to book a jet boat trip to catch one! Act quickly! Spring and summer chinook seasons are usually of short duration on the Salmon River. Ditto on the Clearwater River. Fall chinook fishing has been getting better every year in Hells Canyon.


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Cast & Blast

For the hard-core bird hunter and angler, there’s nothing like a cast-and-blast trip on the Salmon or Snake rivers. Bring the bird dogs and chase chukars when you hear and see them on the river bank, and then catch steelhead, trout or bass in between the bird hunts. This is the ultimate experience!


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Fly Fishing

Experienced fly fishers will enjoy hooking into a steelhead, trout or bass on the Salmon and Snake Rivers. The jet boat guides know where to fish and what to use to catch the elusive fish in deep holes and expansive riffles.


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